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Thank you for your prayers!
We are deeply grateful for the prayers so many of you offered up when, in March, we alerted you to the health scare that my oldest son faced.  

Away at college for his first year of studies pursuing a degree in classical architecture, he had developed a serious eye infection that required aggressive treatment just to save the eye.  He had lost the use of the eye, and he was at risk of losing his sight in that eye permanently.  

Thanks be to God, and no doubt in part due to your prayers on his behalf, my son has fully recovered!  

It took several months before he could even open and close the eyelid again, and he will always have a scar on the cornea.  But with an adjustment to his eyeglasses, his sight is restored in both eyes.

My family and everyone at LegalWorks are extremely grateful for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for us, that this legal apostolate may continue to facilitate the good works of so many on behalf of the Church and a Culture of Life.
Radio stations relying on satellite to receive their network feed should register their "C-Band earth satellite station" before midnight tomorrow night.
Many of our clients rely on over the air transmission or a physical broadband connection (telephone line or Internet) in order to provide a network feed to your local radio station.  However, many of our clients obtain their network feed from a satellite dish.  If you are among this latter group, in order to ensure the FCC knows about your usage of the satellite "C-Band" spectrum and protects it from interference, you should register your usage no later than tomorrow, October 17, 2018.  

Only stations that were up and running by April 19, 2018, are eligible to register their C-Band "earth-station" at this time.

You will need your Federal Registration Number (FRN) and password in order to perform this task, and most licensees will need the assistance of their technical expert and/or engineer in order to complete that portion of the filing.  You may have this information already, but you should contact us if you do not.  

Many of our clients used their FRN and password most recently in order to file forms in connection with the Emergency Alert Broadcast system.  Please keep in mind that our password information on file is as current as the last electronic submission we made on your behalf.  If you or someone else associated with your station has previously changed your FRN password without alerting us as to what the new password is, we will not be able to provide you with the current password.  

You may access to the relevant  electronic filing system here.  

A sample registration is provided here.  

You might also find useful some of the private resources having no connection to the FCC or to LegalWorks but which are available online, such as this site

Remember that if your station is a noncommercial educational facility (and all stations on the FM reseerved NCE band, as well as all Low POWER FM facilities, are non-commercial educational facilities), then you do not need to submit a filing fee when filing an application with the FCC.  Just indicate that you are fee-exempt because you are a noncommercial facility.  
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